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Certified Operator for Public Water Systems

When I serve as your Certified Operator I will provide validation and commission testing which is required on all new water treatment facilities. Perform routine and increased compliance monitoring and reporting. I can develop  Microbiological Site Sampling Plans (MSSP),  Disinfection Byproduct (DBP) site sampling plans and Lead and Cooper site sampling plans for your  Public Water System (PWS). I provide complete coverage for your Transient Non-Community Water System (TNCWS),  Non-Transient Non-Community Water System (NTNCWS) or Community Water System (CWS). Solutions for your specific needs.

Specialized Professional Third Party Sampling and Testing Services

I provide third party testing for law firms that require professional sampling and analysis that will stand up in court cases. Insurance agencies that need to confirm the validity of outstanding claims. For example corrosion due to dezincification in plumbing. Problems with chloramines and (DBP)s. Third party testing for industrial facilities that have waste water discharge permits with municipalities. I also provide water testing for real estate transactions for home loans.    

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   Services Provided

  1. Certified Operator 
  2. New Source Approval Testing
  3. WW Discharge Permit Sampling And Monitoring
  4. Third Party Testing
  5. Private Well Testing
  6. Provide Consultation On Water Treatment Options 
  7. USDA Compliance Sampling 

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